Health Care



Parents/guardians need to inform the daycare staff in writing if their child has any allergies.


Required forms will be provided by staff as soon as an allergy is reported.

Allergies will be posted in the kitchen for all staff to see.

A Care Plan form will be written up on the steps to take if the child has an allergy attack.

Extra training will be provided by public health trainer or parent if deemed necessary.

Parents will be informed immediately of any allergy attack and the steps taken.


LITTLE CRAWLER’S DAYCARE is required by the Child Care Regulations to keep an up-to-date copy of each child’s immunization record in case an outbreak should occur.  The center shall maintain a record of immunizations for each child to document compliance with s. 252.04, Stats., and ch.  DHS 144.


Upon enrollment the LITTLE CRAWLER’S DAYCARE staff will ask for a current immunization record for every child.

If a parent has decided not to have their child inoculated, the following procedures then apply:

The parent will provide a signed and dated letter stating that they have chosen not to immunize their child and that they understand the importance of immunizations, side-effects and dangers of not being immunized.

If an outbreak occurs, the parent will be asked to remove the non-immunized child from the center until it has been determined that the child’s health is no longer at risk.


Written permission from the parent to call a child’s physician or refer the child for medical care in case of injury shall be on file at the center.  The center shall contact the parent as soon as possible after an emergency has occurred or, if the injury is minor, when the parent picks up the child.

A center shall identify a planned source of emergency medical care, such as a hospital designated emergency medical facility.

A center shall establish and follow written procedures for bringing a child to an emergency medical care facility and for treatment of minor injuries.

First Aid procedures shall be followed for serious injuries.

Each center shall have a supply of bandages, tape, and Band-Aids.

Superficial wounds shall be cleaned with soap and water only and protected with a band aid or bandage.

Suspected poisoning shall be treated only after consultation with a poison control center.

A daily record of injurie shall be kept in the medical logbook.

Records of injuries shall be reviewed by the Director or designated person with staff every 6 months in order to ensure that all possible preventive measures are being taken.  There shall be documentation in the medical logbook that reviews have taken place.